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Bronia's Story

French teacher by day and creative by night, Bronia’s passion for storytelling  and theatre began very early in life thanks to her grand mother, a skilled raconteuse, and a mother who possessed a distinctive flair for poetic staging. She would also make desperate attempts to reproduce West End productions during her Girl Guide Summer camps … with various degrees of success.

Shortly after moving to the City, she joined an ambitious local Theatre Society where she trained in all aspects of theatre production; producing, stage managing, and set designing productions over a period of 10 years. During this time, she also honed her improvisational skills with various London-based groups.

In 2013 a chance encounter with immersive theatre changed her life forever. There, she discovered the power of the simplest gestures and lyrical physical theatre in communicating with the audience. From then on, she participated in workshops across London, Prague, New York and Brussels, training with international directors and choreographers many of whom were influenced by Japanese Kabuki theatre.

With this diverse background in theatre, Bronia brings a unique perspective to youth theatre. Always striving to bring a director’s vision to life and forever thriving on collaborative creativity, she gradually integrates lyrical movement, visual composition and rhythm into every performance she is associated with.

Henrietta's Story

Henrietta is a professionally trained actress, and has recently graduated from Rose Bruford in American Theatre Arts. Having recently starred in her theatre debut she is excited for what's to come next. She has been acting and modelling since she was a child, and thoroughly enjoys teaching the craft too.

For Henrietta, being part of Knaves is a rewarding experience. Having fostered so many skills from drama school, Henrietta enjoys recrafting what she has learnt to tailor the students of Knaves so that they can enjoy and discover new and unique ways of tackling scripts and delving into characters. Henrietta loves to view acting as a way to empower youngsters and build their confidence, as well as improve and hone their skills as a young thespian. 


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