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Henrietta's Story

Henrietta is a professionally trained actress, and has recently graduated from Rose Bruford in American Theatre Arts. Having recently starred in her theatre debut she is excited for what's to come next. She has been acting and modelling since she was a child, and thoroughly enjoys teaching the craft too.

For Henrietta, being part of Knaves is a rewarding experience. Having fostered so many skills from drama school, Henrietta enjoys recrafting what she has learnt to tailor the students of Knaves so that they can enjoy and discover new and unique ways of tackling scripts and delving into characters. Henrietta loves to view acting as a way to empower youngsters and build their confidence, as well as improve and hone their skills as a young thespian. 

Amy's Story

Amy’s passion for drama began at a young age. This joy for the arts was fostered at a theatre school she attended regularly throughout her youth. Amy believes it was at the theatre school where she cultivated her love of drama which culminated in her pursuing acting into her adult life.

Being a part of Knaves is a joyous experience and allows Amy to instill within children the same skills she learnt herself. When not working with Knaves, Amy is working as a teaching assistant at a leading independent school in north London, which allows for her to inspire children every day. Throughout her university life, as an English Literature student at University of Manchester, Amy played an active role within the drama society, regularly performing in, writing and devising plays of her own. Amy has played lead roles in many plays such as Robin Hood, The Wolf From The Door, and has also starred in professional music videos.


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