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The Knaves Difference

Jason works hard to raise the bar and build each child up to the highest level of drama possible. Jason’s unwavering belief in the ability of children to reach the highest levels of understanding and performance seems impossible to achieve to the uninitiated. But the results speak for themselves.

Jason creates performances for young boys and girls well beyond their years and abilities. Pushing, encouraging, and nurturing students to become more confident performers and speakers on and off the stage.

Instilling your child with the real-world skills they’ll need for future success:

  • Delivery
  • Negotiation 
  • Team playing
  • Ability to command an audience 
  • Problem-solving
  • Presentation skills
  • Self-awareness
  • Memory skills 

Both my sons have been fortunate enough to be taught drama by Jason. I watched them grow, gain confidence and belief in themselves through exceptional teaching and nurturing

Nicky Milne - Parent

I am not sure how a group of 9/10-year-olds managed to create comedy and pathos so successfully. You need to be bottled – what you do with the children is just amazing

Emma Myers - Parent

Our Approach

As an independent children’s theatre school, Knaves offers a very personal approach, which allows each student to shine. In the rehearsal room, we ensure young actors of all abilities and confidence levels take an active role while having fun. We instill a remarkable degree of commitment, enthusiasm, and energy in our students. 

A second qualified teacher helps Jason in all sessions, alongside a teaching assistant, to ensure that each child has the full support they need.

Through the rehearsal process, actors learn collaboration and interdependence skills while building their character into a believable performance that showcases their full understanding of the story and dialogue.

Less confident children are very welcome at Knaves. We specialise in bringing the best out of all children in a caring, nurturing environment that builds trust and will enable your child to feel safe and happy to leave their comfort zone behind and take part in areas not previously thought possible.

Drama courses end with a fully staged and costumed performance in a North London theatre allowing all students the opportunity to perform demanding roles such as Bottom, Lady Macbeth, Malvolio, Viola, Caesar and Brutus, etc.

Great Expectations

Given the very limited number of places here at Knaves, we expect a high level of commitment from our students.

Whatever their role, we expect each student to take full responsibility and ownership as any serious actor would, from being disciplined with their line learning to their behaviour in rehearsals to working well as a team.

When your child commits, we’re guaranteed to get the best out of them - allowing them to participate in the kind of performances that wow parents and will have a lasting impact on their confidence, speaking skills and collaborative abilities.

Now in my final year of a physics degree with an internship secured for this summer, I remember how little self-confidence I had when I was younger. I truly owe Jason for this transformation” 

James Milne, played Jack in Lord of the Flies

Enrol Today - Limited Places

To enrol, or not, that is the question...

We have brought a passion for performing, drama and Shakespeare to children as young as seven years old, so there’s no such thing as starting too early. 

However, given the popularity of our drama school, we’re only able to enrol a strict number of new starters each term. 

If you’re ready to start your child on their creative journey, enrol today to reserve their place in our next production. 


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